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Thank You for downloading Plasma Active !

Plasma Active is the innovative technology for a smarter user experience to run on future devices and platforms. The project was co-founded by Eva Brucherseifer, managing director of basysKom GmbH.
basysKom continues to support Plasma Active by contributing UX design, development and system integration.

basysKom provides this MeeGo© based image for easy installation:
basyskom-plasma-active-two-meego-usb-live.iso (sha1 checksum)
You can try this installable Live ISO from USB stick and also use it to install Plasma Active on your system. Additional information about the installation can be found in the Plasma Active wiki, and there is also a Beginner's FAQ.  
We wish you a lot of fun with Plasma Active!

Plasma Active is Open Source

The Plasma Active project and its development was initiated and is mainly supported and maintained by basysKom GmbH.
The Plasma Active project is open source under OSI compliant license and basysKom supports a viable community around it. More information can be found at

basysKom offers support for Plasma Active

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basysKom offers professional services for Plasma Active:

  • customization of user interfaces including the creation of UXes for new form factors and user scenarios
  • feature development and upstream integration services 
  • integration and optimization for new hardware targets 
  • maintenance and support

We provide our solution development services cross-industry to leading enterprises as well as small and medium businesses. The basysKom expertise includes the whole software stack, from driver adaptation, middleware development, framework modifications and porting, skilled interface design and API definition, up to the design and implementation of innovative and flexible UI and applications. We setup and optimize building, system integration and release processes, offering life cycle management and support for the full development process. In the open source area basysKom is the solution provider of choice! Read more about basysKom at

The work on this project is partially government-funded by German Government, Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie.
The main part of the project is financed by basysKom. basysKom will continue with its sponsoring also after the government funding has finished.